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I support all truckers. It's a tough job. I never drove a truck but I loaded thousands before I became a cartoonist. I know so many truckers and they are all good people. I do not support this convoy.

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You don’t support them so they are fascists? Do you not support the right to peacefully protest?

You have been given a platform that you lack the intellectual maturity to warrant. Truck loader to cartoonist says it all.


JD Politics
JD Politics
30 de jan. de 2022

Calling people facists because they don't agree with your idealism. Hmm I think you need to look up the word fascism. You support the ones who comply with your make yourself look like a fucking moron with zero education.


I agree, Michael. It's unfortunate that their Convoy has been infiltrated by extremists but even if that hadn't happened, I don't agree with their view that they have a right to do cross-border trucking without self-isolating for 14 days, even if they are unvaccinated. We are fighting a pandemic and do not want COVID being brought into Canada from the USA, where it is much more prevalent and the death rate is more than twice ours. If they refuse to get vaccinated, this is a consequence. If they want to continue doing that work along with the 90% of their fellow truckers who are vaccinated, they should get the jab. Even if all our provinces and the federal government capitu…

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